url problem on displaying profile


Hi Dorien,

I'm having a minor problem when displaying profile. Instead of www.mysite.com/profile/abc, my url show www.mysite.com/content/abc. and when i try with profile/abc, it bring me to error page...
Can kindly advise? Thanks...


1. what I think

is that you should carry on reading/applying the book until the 4.4.2 section. Until there, viewing the profile is kinda blurry so if after that section you have issues,just post another message. Anyhow the profile IS on /content/abc , while your account page is on /user/1. Depending on where exactly you are things are not so clear with profiles. I did the part until 4.4.2 section 3 times (fresh drupal each time) so I can digest the info and the process.

2. Hi, You'll need to use the

You'll need to use the pathauto module, as explained in chapter 2 (if I remember correctly)

3. yes....but

yes...but i got the same problem but instead of content/abc i have user/abc and not profile/abc... i hope carryng on the book it will solve my issue.

any advice???