Drupal Performance


Hello everybody,
I have a question regarding Drupal performance. I am currently developing a website using some of the examples outlined in Dorien's ebook (Ultimate Community Site), there are about 65 modules in use.

This includes the Boost, Memcache and Backup modules, yet I cannot get my development web site to run as fast some of the other Drupal sites that I have seen such as this one and several others in highlighted in the showcase section of this website.

I have only inserted a limited amount of data.

I plan to deploy the site very soon but the lack of speed concerns me.

Does anyone know of any recommendations/tips to make my website (Drupal 6) run faster. All suggestions are welcome - For example what modules to add, directory settings to hosting options.

Thanks in advance.


1. Just the simples option. Do

Just the simples option.
Do you have caching turned on?

2. Yes, I have caching enabled.

Yes, I have caching enabled. But still the site is still not fast enough.
At least in comparison to some of the stes displayed on this site's showacse or you site.

3. errors maybe? have you

errors maybe? have you checked logs? bad hosting performance? web server configuration? like apache timeouts or php memory? whats the link? maybe i can take a look at the timings

4. Drupal performance update

Well, I managed to break my web site ut I have almost fully recovered. But then I ran into the same problem, pages taking up 7 - 8 seconds to load with 52 modules enabled and Boost, Javascript aggregator and cache router enabled.

Then I discovered by accident the problem - it is Drupal's Update Status which is included as a Core Option. So I disabled the Update Status and ... Bam. Pages load very fast, running cron is no longer a problem.

Switch it back on, problems with speed reappear.So I guess its off with the Update Status. I would have to check for updates manually.

Thanks for all the pointers.