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First off great book!!!!
I just have a quick question.
So I have created the view for the avatar and have triple checked everything to make sure its correct. The default avatar shows in the correct place.
Now the question is when that user decides to upload a pic, the default avatar stays there and the user pic that has been uploaded is nowhere to be seen. Imagecache has created a thumb for it and everything. If I go into my profile display settings and "unhide" the avatar, it pops up on the right hand side above the profile content on my profile panel. Any help would be great. I have been searching the posts and online for the past 5 hours!



1. update

My user uploaded avatars are showing every were else on the site except on the profile page. So basically to clarify here are my problems.

1) The default avatar is not being created into a thumb by imagecache.

2) The default avatar is not going away when a user uploads his/her own avatar.

Thanks in advance again!